(en) Transnational Camp for practical solidarity September 11th – 15th 2019 in Leichlingen near Cologne

Social struggles – Repression – Prison

Everywhere in the world social struggles take place. Everywhere they are met with repression and prison time.
This concerns us all, but more often than not, there is little discourse beyond the borders of those countries where the struggles take place.

We want to unite our thoughts concerning social struggles, repression and prison- and we want to do it transnationally.

That’s why, in September, we organise a five day camp in order to connect and share and unite our experiences in order to form and develop practical strategies.

Together with guests from different countries who took part in various social struggles we will try to establish ways of practical solidarity.

We’re an anti-prison collective from Cologne, who, stemming from long court process support between Spain and Germany, focusses on the topic of practical solidarity.
In 2018 a one day lasting Europe wide conference considering social struggles, repression and prison took place in cologne.

Additionally we held rallies in front of prisons and continue to visit prisoners. This year for our camp we chose the following two main topics:

Social struggles, repression and prison in North Africa

In European countries escape routes and distress rescues are what’s mostly and almost exclusively being talked and reported about- but what’s the situation like on site?
Together with activists from numerous regions of North Africa we want to talk about the struggles and fights taking place and think about how to give transnational active support.


We will shine light on the topic from various perspectives:

What is poverty? What does it mean to be poor considering different regions? What are the options for social intervention?

We will explicitly talk about the social struggles for which poverty is the reason for rebellion and protest.
What are the consequences of these struggles? What are the means of repression and how is solidarity shown? Who are the protagonists?

Together with our guests from Morocco, Egypt, Andalusia, Catalonia, Basque Country, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus and Germany we will talk about social struggles, repression and prison and will try to find ways of practical solidarity.

Additionally to panel discussions and workshops there will be plenty of options for smaller open discussions and networking.
Also there will be (sub-)cultural events including theatre and concerts.

Everyone who is interested is welcome.
Let us know if you would like to contribute to the camp in any way.

We do not use Facebook or other social media as means of distribution, but rather invite active and interested people directly.

You are more than welcome to direct this E-Mail to other friends and companions.
This camp is self-organised, food will be provided and there is plenty of space for tents.

We do still need money though- Surprise!
We would be grateful for any monetary contribution via:

Jugendclub Courage Köln e.V. Postbank Köln
IBAN: DE09 3701 0050 0295 4475 04 BIC: PBNKDEFF
Subject: solidarity1803

We are looking forward to seeing you!

For further information go to:


Let us know if you come:
Contact: solidarity1803@riseup.net

September 11th-15th 2019
at “Naturfreundehaus Leichlingen”, Am Block 4, 42799 Leichlingen, Deutschland